About Us

D’zain Architecture is a full service Architectural Design, Property
Development Planning Consultancy, and Contractor.

Our team provides a combination of experience, professional
standards and support with extensive knowledge of local industry

D’zain Architecture is dedicated to partnering with clients to create
architecture where the function and aesthetics work together,
responding to critical environmental and social issue, including
ecology, visual impacts and economic viability. To provide the best
creative solutions in close partnership with our clients. We offer and
seek creative partnerships. Our firm recognizes that design skills are
primary driver and we are committed to creative solutions,
international design standards and achieving a client’s goals through
an innovative result oriented approach.

D’zain Architecture have been active and based at Bintaro,
Tangerang. D’zain Architecture offers specific design skills and
services in below categories :

  • Architecture

  • Master / Urban Planning

  • Resort and Leisure

  • Retail Planning and Design

  • Interior Architecture

  • Health facilities

  • Project / Construction Supervising

  • Art Work

By providing these skills in one office we are able to offer a total
package design service to our clients to undertake a variety of multifunctional developments.

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